My story

Margherita’s story starts with a marble business and a window. Through that window she could observe all savages in her family’s business where she worked as manager. Those wasn’t artistic materials anymore, they had lost the original function.

But she discovered a treasure hidden behind those materials: an energy and a beauty waiting to be freed. That’s how Margherita started to assemble and rearrange it giving them a new life.


Soon Margherita discovered the technique wich reflect her vocation: the mosaic. She attended some professional courses with Sergio Cicognani and Liborio Puglisi. She also showed her works in some street markets about handmade and handicraft.

During the ages she improved this technique but she also experienced new manufacturing with poor materials like tuff, stones, buttons, cloth, metals. In 2016 her dream came true: her vocation became a job and she launched a workshop into Matera’s Sassi.

Poor Art

Margherita employs male techniques, such as tuff and papier-mâchè, and female techniques such as needlecraft and embroidery. Minimalism and poor art are the starting point, enriched with the balance of colours, forms, materials and a maniacal precision during the production

Handicraft and tradition

Margherita gleaned from Matera’s customs and traditions. ”Città dei Sassi” is the cradle of an handicraft based on popular art wich uses tuff, terracotta, wood, wrought-iron and papier-mâchè. In particular papier-mâchè, during centuries, got a spiritual meaning.

Matera’s artisans, through the generations, handed down papier-mâchè’s technique, necessary for the realization of the ”Carro Trionfale” to celebrate ”Madonna della Bruna”, patron and protector of the city.